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The NTHP has completely freed me from my past. …I have been dealing with sexual abuse for the better part of my adult life, I have done a lot of counseling for it, but never got anywhere with it. I would just shut down and it wasn’t effective for me.

I’ve never experienced anything like this (NTHP) before. This work took me to a place I’ve never been in my life, and honestly didn’t think I would be able to get to. …I’m not stuck and frozen anymore. I’m finally able to start progressing in my life again! It feels like a fog has been lifted… I’m excited about my life now!

Michelle D.
St. John, NB Canada


(The NTHP Process) ...has helped me to completely change my outlook on life. I was very good at getting angry at myself, feeling guilty for not following through on things I "should do", and making my life very difficult.

Wow, it's astounding how much energy you have when you stop feeling guilty and stay tuned in to your inner self! It's so incredibly amazing to live in the present, enjoy my work, enjoy the smallest moments every day, and watch the magic of life unfold before my eyes.
I am now plunging into the unknown, free from past fears and doing what I always wanted to do. And I couldn't have done it without Dane's guidance and support. Thank you Dane! The game of life isn't difficult it's fun!

K. DePaoli
Paris, FR


I am so grateful for the pioneers of the NTHP ... Ever since the first workshop with Dane things began to happen.  I didn't realize it until later, but I was letting go of the garbage that had been my previous focus, and that was so freeing I feel like I am in the zone--all the time!  Thru Dane's skillful coaching, this work has allowed me to access my higher self, any time, all the time.  In retrospect, the NTHP allows one deep, spiritual answers to paradoxical, troubling questions in one's life, that make understanding flow and a  joy-filled life happen!

Sharon Kreiger
Tioga, N.D., US


I tried just about everything to cope with irregular heartbeat and then as I was faced with having a pacemaker installed …. I am a logic driven person so I am not going to say "miracle"  but I will say this, I have had a regular heartbeat for 7 months now (December 2013)….. I am impressed and hopefully you will be too. The experience with Dane is fascinating, illuminating, spiritual, heart wrenching and somehow enjoyable.

Kelly W.
Business Owner
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Thank you so much for sharing this process with me! What a powerful way to untangle the pain from the past with gentle loving support and release that pain with compassion and ease! 

Lori L

Kelowna, BC, Canada


…these parts of myself are gradually ceasing to be disruptive in their function
 and are instead joining forces to rebuild what it is that I am truly meant to be.
 The facilitation--without which none of this could be occurring --is awesome;
 subtle yet direct. After each session I feel somehow expanded and interface with the world seems finer and more receptive.

Looking at everything that's been happening, I can say with certainty that it's a
 rare adventure beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Lydia C.
North Vancouver, BC, Canada


As a counselor I have found addressing the issues of childhood to be the primary key to emotional healing.  The NTHP method used by Dane helped me to understand, accept and love my inner child.  Listening and reassuring the child helped break the patterns that had me stuck.

I believe that NTHP is a very beneficial tool to use in the process of guiding clients to a place of personal awareness and connectedness.  I highly recommend this mode of therapy to others in the field, and believe it should be a recognized modality of treatment.

Donna Janke, RPC


After a few sessions with Dane I began to realize and recognize sub conscious cyclical negative patterns were going on with me.

For many years I buried a childhood trauma and always wondered why I felt like a round in a square, why I acted a certain way, why I had bouts of depression, why my personal relationships always hit a wall, and why I was so driven, sometimes in a destructive way.

NTHP's gentle and empowering approach really spoke to me; it is very different from other therapies I have experienced in the past. In particular I found the inner compassion work with the left-brain, right brain to be very profound for me, giving me a deep insight into my inner world.  I was able to connect to my inner voice/inner child and really get to the very core of my issues.

I feel I have gone through an amazing transformation and I finally have some balance back in my life. Thank you Dane for being there to guide me on my journey of discovery and healing.

You changed my life : ) 

Karen Griggs
Business Owner


I would like to recommend NTHP for anyone who has had any trauma in their life or childhood fears of any kind.  I just finished three months with Dane and in the first session, I was warmed with his whole approach of setting the tone for the following sessions.  I have had many different types of counseling over the years for chronic pain, trauma and fears of all types.  I would tire of the same stereotype sessions and in the last few years, I have refused to go through the process even though I was offered free sessions. ... Dane targeted and focused on my inner child and taught me to do the same.  The insights and healing I received were remarkable and I am very appreciative of all the time we spent together.  I would suggest if you feel a need to be free of all the hurts and pain that you are going through, ask for help and sign up for NTHP.  Thanks again Dane for all your time and patience.

Paula Karachun ,                                                                                                        
Penticton, BC, Canada


Since my sessions, my life has become richer and fuller. I am present and experiencing joy at work and with my family, and I love the connection blossoming with my daughter. I am especially excited by the option to create my day and my life each moment.

School teacher,
Vancouver, BC Canada


Through the NTHP process I was helped to understand why I hold on to feelings so much and how it can hurt to do so. I went on a journey through past deep-rooted unfinished business.
...I learned to forgive, let go and accept events that are a part of my life in a loving and understanding manner. I now embrace the flow of life and feel more confident and responsible about my decisions.
I am grateful for finding Dane and this process because I couldn't have done all of this without it.

Gabriela Cristo
Nutritionalist / Business Owner
Langley, BC, Canada       


There is so much to say about this process and it's amazing benefits.
...I have worked with Dane for a little over two months and am coming to know myself as real.
...I am finally 'free'! With my heart. Thank you Dane

Tina Groot
Life Coach
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Dane helped me through some confusing and difficult times in my life.

He guided me, in a highly effective yet nurturing way, back to clarity, and  finding my true passion and dreams. Through Dane’s coaching program, I learned how to nurture myself and follow my bliss, in practical yet simple ways, which I now apply to my life, every single day.

I highly recommend Dane to anyone standing at a cross roads, or needing the support to get back on track, and back into feeling joyful, happy and at peace in their lives. 

Kristin McKenna
Yoga instructor
Los Angeles, CA, US


I have struggled with body image and issues for over 20 years, and finally, I have found a coach with whom I feel safe and who is working wonders with my body and my self-esteem.  Dane talks about the connection between body, mind and spirit, and that's the kind of coaching he does. He cares about me and works WITH me ... he challenges me to go further in a way that makes me WANT to do so, and he is very effective. I actually look forward to our sessions!  I highly recommend him, and I'd be happy to personally talk to anyone who has any questions about working with him.

Natalie Gray
Platinum Coaching
Ojai, CA, US


I Highly recommend Dane and how he works. I benefited tremendously from our sessions together. He is truly a healer of healers!

Lori Spagna
Santa Monica, CA, US


...I was given the ability and the confidence to continue, ... it is now a highly rewarding part of my every day life that gives me balance, makes me much more productive, and my life is a lot more fun too. Thank you! 

N. Robbins
Vancouver, BC, Canada


...I was made to feel completely safe & comfortable in starting the program....because of starting the program I now feel very strong and confident within myself.

A. Stebbing
Stroke Survivor
N. Vancouver, BC,Canada


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