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The NTHP has completely freed me from my past. …I have been dealing with sexual abuse for the better part of my adult life, I have done a lot of counseling for it, but never got anywhere with it. I would just shut down and it wasn’t effective for me. I’ve never experienced anything like this (NTHP) before. This work took me to a place I’ve never been in my life, and honestly didn’t think I would be able to get to. …I’m not stuck and frozen anymore. I’m finally able to start progressing in my life again! It feels like a fog has been lifted… I’m excited about my life now!  

Michelle D. St. John, NB Canada

Thank you so much for sharing this process with me! What a powerful way to untangle the pain from the past with gentle loving support and release that pain with compassion and ease! 

Lori L ~ Retiree

Kelowna BC

    Through the NTHP process I was helped to understand why I hold on to feelings so much and how it can hurt to do so. I went on a journey through past deep-rooted unfinished business. ...I learned to forgive, let go and accept events that are a part of my life in a loving and understanding manner. I now embrace the flow of life and feel more confident and responsible about my decisions. I am grateful for finding Dane and this process because I couldn't have done all of this without it.

 Gabriela Cristo Nutritionalist/ Business Owner
Langley, BC, Canada 

It is the most illuminating thing I have ever done.

Anne Babchuk
NTHP Facilitator
The Healing Centre

With the:

  Trauma   Healing

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Live Interactive Experience

of the Nuero Trauma Healing Process

NTHP is for when there is conflict between who we truly are and who we have become.

We all have them; negative patterns that creep into our lives that prevent us from realizing our full potential. It could be anything from a chronic condition; an addiction, or simply failing to live the joyful life we know we are capable of that show us we are somehow out of alignment with our authentic self.

The Neuro Trauma Healing Process is a person centered process that allows direct contact with the subconscious mind – our most powerful creative faculty, for the purpose of re-aligning with that essential part of our self; our true nature. With the guidance of a trained NTHP facilitator you will be taken through a proven process of left / right brained exercises and guided meditations that will allow you how to tap into your higher self and get the healing, wisdom and direction needed specific to you.

Heal Your Past: Your Gifts, Passions and Purpose Ignited, Your Ultimate Life Revealed!

Join Dane and Anne in an intimate group setting where you can experience the profound results of the Neuro Trauma and Soul Re-Cognition Processes first hand.  See how these safe and effective processes can transform your life. Take yourself from pain, frustration and confusion into the freedom and passion of living the life you know in your heart you are here to live. …by simply being who you truly are!

Bring: Paper and a pen, an open mind and a willing heart!

Where? – 1460 Main St., North Vancouver, BC Canada

When? – May 24th & June 14 - 7pm - 9pm.

Cost? –  Free!

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Learn How to Transform Them For The Better.

When You Transform Yourself...

You Transform Your Relationships with Ease and Clarity

This seminar is suitable for individuals and couples.

  • Experiencing difficulties in your Love-ships, family-ships or friendships?
  • Do you want respectful, compassionate and honest relationships but are settling for less?
  • Looking for loving and fulfilling interactions but find yourself drowning in either drama, or stagnation?
  • Are your relationships short lived or non-existent?

The primary drive behind every relationship in your life stems directly from the one you are having with yourself. Difficult relationships mirror back to us our beliefs and our wounding. They are a powerful incentive for us to look inward. They can be the opportunity or catalyst to great personal healing and growth for ourselves, and therefore with others.

Join us in exploring the fundamental and essential elements of healthy relationships. This is seminar will show you a way of tapping into your most powerful creative faculty – your subconscious mind to help you understand…

  • Why am I getting what I am getting?
  • Am I short-changing myself; why am I missing the mark?
  • How can I communicate effectively and be understood?  
  • How can I create happy, loving and passionate relationships?

The unique and profound process we share with you will reveal what you can do to heal and strengthen your sense of self; how you can give to yourself exactly what you need to feel loved and complete within yourself. Once you that happens, watch all your other relationships magically transform with clarity and ease.

Bring: Paper and a pen, an open mind and a willing heart!

Where? – 1460 Main St., North Vancouver, BC Canada

When? – April 23 2017.

Cost? –  $15!

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One on One Sessions
Sessions 60 - 90 minutes in length - Done via Zoom/ Skype or in person.
Click the link to pay through PAYPAL - 5 % tax will be added.
Or... Pay by E-transfer to info@healingcentre.ca

(Please remember to add 5% tax when paying by E-Transfer)

Introductory Session $99.00

(This amount - $99, will be refunded when an  8 or 12  session package is purchased!)           

 1 Session $250                                  

 4 Sessions $700    

8 Sessions $1,200     

12 Sessions $1500  

$375.00 One time only - Webinar special                                        





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